Meet the Team!

Our Mission is to:

Provide non-lethal population control for metro Atlanta cats.

Perform high quality sterilization surgeries for cats to align the supply of kittens born with available homes.

Educate the public about cat overpopulation, sterilization programs and responsible cat care.

Provide excellence in spay-neuter services that are low-cost for families that are experiencing financial hardship.

Operate an excellent, state-of-the-art clinic facility that employs caring, friendly and professional staff.


While the majority of cats in Atlanta are afforded excellent health care, tens-of-thousands are destroyed annually. Many, many more live short, difficult lives outdoors. Sterilization is a non-lethal method of reducing cat overpopulation and the most humane way to prevent the birth of unwanted, homeless cats. On average, about 8 out of every 10 cats that enter Metro Atlanta shelters are euthanized. About half of those felines are kittens.

Our Staff:


Owner/Surgical Tech/Driver – Renee Cardona


Office Manager – Kathleen Miller

Born in Birmingham and an Auburn fan, she lived most of her life in northern Georgia.
She went to Georgia Southern for Mechanical Engineering and Biology and found a husband as well, both graduating in 2016.
She is an avid lover of nature, with a passion for cats. When given the oportunity to put her talents toward helping reduce overpopulation, she couldn’t resist!


Truck and Invoice

  • Carlene Pace
  • Melissa Hickson