Please donot book if you can’t pay the deposit up front, it will be deducted from your services BUT it intitally covers mandatory, pain meds, e-collar and rabies shot. 51.00.

If you forgot to opt in or add your email or need to set your password you will email software, it is NOT us. Please log back in to your pet portal and add the info or your won’t be getting the medical forms needed.

Your deposit payment AND appointment confirmation email are the ONLY confirmation you will be receiving. No one is calling you or emailing you- EVERYTHING is automatic.

DONOT PAY A DEPOSIT AND expect a non exhistent appt to appear. Please follow directions, 3 dots spinning means we aren’t in that this month or the clinic is fully booked. has almost every possible ? you might have.

Email us, petportal us for fastest response! Calling us means you will NOT get a quick turnaround on your questions, we field 100 plus calls a day! We are not open nights, weekends, holidays.

thank you for your time.