Dr. Tammy Parker
Dr Parker small Dr. Tammy A. Parker is a 1993 graduate of the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Parker moved to the Atlanta area after graduation where she worked for several multi-doctor practices over 20 years. She helped develop an exotics animal medicine department and surgical practices within the clinics. Dr. Parker has been involved in the medical maintenance of the raptor program birds and consultation for rehab birds at the Chattahoochee Nature Center since 1994. Dr. Parker was an avid writer and contributor to several publications, both domestic and international, on avian related topics over her years focusing on exotic animal patients.

As the economic recession started affecting her clients, Dr. Parker realized that the average person was having trouble providing basic wellness care for their pets. She started with CatSnip by providing services for surgery and went on to find a passion in helping with control of the overpopulation of pets. The spay/neuter program run by CatSnip offers to alleviate suffering by stopping the overpopulation problem in areas and for clients that need the low cost services the most. When Dr. Parker was presented with the choice of buying the program or seeing it shut down, she pulled together her team to support the mission. Dr. Parker performed over 10,000 spays/neuters in the first 3 years she was affiliated with Project CatSnip.

Dr. Parker has a menagerie of birds, dogs, cats, and reptiles in addition to her husband Mark Parker and human children Marlania, Jordan and Drake. She also has enjoyed hosting foreign exchange students, shopping for buried treasures at thrift stores, and nature walks.