Vaccine Clinics

CatSnip operates affordable mobile vaccination clinics for both dogs and cats.  Our state licensed Veterinarians administer high-quality vaccines with no appointments needed and no exam fees. We offer low cost pet medications, flea control, heartworm preventative, microchipping and more.  You can bring your dog or cat to one of our vaccine clinic locations to get standard deworming, microchip pet IDs and comprehensive vaccinations including rabies, all at a low cost.  Again, these clinics are first come, first served.  Please see our SCHEDULE for more information, including specific location information.

***Special Note regarding 3 year rabies vaccines – In order for a 3 year rabies vaccine to be given, proof must be provided (in the form of paperwork) verifying that the pet is current on a  1 or 3 year rabies vaccine.  This paperwork must be presented at the clinic as the technician will NOT be able to call for records verification.***

Record of Vaccination: You will go home with a copy of your pet’s medical record each time you visit one of our clinics. On the reverse side of that medical record, you will find contact information along with other information about various services we provide. Always bring all medical records with you when you visit one of our clinics. If you do not have any prior medical records or vaccination records, it is OK. We will discuss your dog’s or cat’s needs with you.

Pets should be kept in the car until the Doctor is ready to see them.  All dogs must be on leashes and cats in secure carriers made specifically for cats when not in your car.  *Please make sure that dog collars are fitted to the appropriate size.  Nervous and/or excited dogs may pull their leash and slip out of their collars relatively easily if the collar is not a proper fit.

Vaccination Clinic Pricing:

		Rabies - 1 year $13 / 3 year $25
		FVRCP - (distemper) - $17
		FeLV - (feline leukemia) - $19
		FELV/FIV Combo Test - Required for FeLV vaccination - $29

	Parasite Treatments
		Fleas - Revolution - $20 per month / $54 for 3 month supply
		Tapeworms - $15
		Earmites - $15
                Strongid (roundworms and hookworms) - $5

		Microchip (includes lifetime registration) - $29
		Carrier - $7
		E-Collar- $12

		Rabies - 1 year $13 / 3 year $25
		DHLP or DHPP (distemper) - $17
		Bordetella - $15

	Parasite Treatments
                Earmite treatment - $25
                Heartworm Test - $29
		Sentinel (canine):
		2-10 lbs - $43
		11-25 lbs - $53
		26-50 lbs - $53
		51-100 lbs - $63
		Heartworm Prevention* - Iverheart/Triheart (6 mo supply) - $25-$42 based on weight 
                    *Iverheart/Triheart will not be dispensed without a physical exam.

		Microchip (includes lifetime registration) - $29
		Nail Trim - $10