Cat Tales – Marci in Woodstock – 06/19/2015


We at CatSnip thought you might like to hear the story of Marci, a little buff tabby manx girl, we met at Woodstock this morning. Sometime during our vaccine clinic, a tiny, but persistent “meow” was heard rising in pitch. After a quick glance around, Marla noticed a cardboard box beside the dumpster near where we were parked. The box had not been there earlier in the morning at our arrival.

Upon closer inspection, a 15-16 week old kitten was found scared and crouching in the box. After getting released from the box and having a   check-up (including lots of love!), Marci stretched out and made herself at home while the vaccine clinic continued.  She is a great kitten and quickly made herself comfortable on the truck even though she had clearly had a stressful morning.

When we verified that Cherokee County Humane Society would be able to take her from us and care for her post-surgery, we set up and spayed her on the spot! Marci was a great patient and awoke hungry like most kittens do.


She recovered well from anesthesia and is recovering well from surgery tonight. She was combo tested negative for Felv/Fiv and vaccinated for FVCRP, FELV, and RV. She was treated with Revolution for fleas, heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

We wanted to share Marci’s story and THANK YOU for your donations that made it possible for us to help her. We really appreciate all the support for our mission. If you have any interest in adopting Marci, please contact Cherokee County Humane Society.

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