Why Choose CatSnip for Spay-Neuter?

Experts in Feline Spay-Neuter - Over 60,000 Performed
Lowest Prices / Best Quality = Value for You
Less Stress (Not Being Grouped in With Dogs)
Highly Professional, Experienced Staff that Loves Cats
Recognized as a "Best Practice" by HSUS and ASPCA
18 Locations
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Upcoming Clinics

Monday, March 9th Lawrenceville + VACCINE clinic for dogs and cats 12:30-2:30
Tuesday, March 10th Marietta FELINE spay/neuter clinic
Wednesday, March 11th Dallas FELINE spay/neuter clinic
Thursday, March 12th Fayetteville + VACCINE clinic for dogs and cats 12:30-2:30
Friday, March 13th Dallas VACCINE clinic for dogs and cats! Walk in from 8AM-12PM

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CatSnip Walk-In Vaccine Clinics

CatSnip performs vaccine clinics for both dogs and cats on Fridays from 8AM-12PM at the following locations:
Fayetteville, Lawrenceville, Cartersville, Dallas, McDonough, Griffin, and Woodstock. Click here to view our schedule for exact dates and times.

Cats in Need of Help

We often are presented with cats that need urgent medical treatments and surgeries and their owners have little or no means to pay for the service. We established the LifeSaver Fund to offset the fees associated with providing critical care to an animal that has no means of finacial payment. Please help us help them with a contribution. Click here to donate.

Our Sister Clinic: WellPet Humane

Need affordable veterinary medicine? WellPet Humane offers low-cost veterinary services to pet owners who are financially struggling. While operating CatSnip for six years we witnessed many pet owners who loved their pets but were unable to afford medical care. In 2008 we opened WellPet Humane to extend these important veterinary services and help provide a place where indigent pets could get the critical treatments they need, at an affordable cost.